How it works

Synaptic Cash is an Artificial Intelligence (Ai) powered loss prevention company that identifies procedural inefficiencies to reduce loss throughout your organization.

Synaptic Cash monitors your operation and alerts you when:

Cashiers bypass entering a sale in your POS system

Cashiers process returns when no customer is present

Cashiers fail to print receipts

Inventory is inappropriately taken from your facility

Your employees attempt “Sweetheart” transactions

There is inappropriate mobile phone usage during business hours

Cash back from debit card purchases is not processed according to your protocols

Tips are not handled according to your protocols

… many other procedural deficiencies occur

Our dispensary customers utlilize the Synaptic Cash solution to "outsource" their cash controls at the point of sale. We eliminate the need for you to conduct lengthy review of video footage to identify suspected issues; instead we provide video clips of high-risk transactions on a real time basis.

In addition to identifying theft, we also help our customers optmize their cash control processes at the point of sale, further reducing POS "loss".

The Synaptic Cash solution is quick and easy to install. We ship you an electronic device that you plug in and connect to your network, and we do the rest.

The Synaptic Cash solution is reasonably priced. Customers typically experience a full payback of the annual cost of this product within just a few weeks of installation.